check the precipitation, not the temperature

When checking the weather on Google or some other search engine, please make sure to do the following:

  1. Set your search for the exact suburb you will be having your session.
  2. Go to Precipitation, or Rain Cover. In particular, have a look at the volume of rain expected. If it is over <0.01 then we may need to reschedule.
  3. Consider the time of your session. As weather patterns can change dramatically, focus your attention on the 2-3 hours around your session time only.

Weather radar is your best friend

Just before the session, we can take a look at the weather radar app to see if any rain is coming our way. Alternatively, if it is currently raining, we can see how long it will be before it passes. The weather radar can be found by simply entering the following search terms on Google "Weather Radar Sydney".