Rain, rain, go away.

But if you stay, here's how we'll play.

Thanks to the crazy la nina weather patterns of late, a lot of my recent outdoor sessions have had to be rescheduled.

On the morning of our outdoor session, I will contact you via text message to discuss the weather for the day. I always strongly recommend all of my clients to WAIT until at least 12pm before calling off a session.

This is because I have had many sessions postpone, but the sun shines through just before sunset (which is the only time it counts!) It could be raining ALL day, and then 1 hour before sunset, the sunshine comes out!

Here are FIVE important things to consider when your session may have a chance of rain, and how you can prepare for it.

1. Beach shoots are great on rainy days

I love the look of an untouched beach. Sand and rocks have a beautiful warm colour, and chances are that you will have the entire beach to yourself. If you are flexible on the location, I highly recommend making your outdoor session a beach one!

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2. Layer up in cute knitwear

The best thing about having a rainy day session is the clothing! Layer up in knitwear, cardigans, even beanies and scarves. This ensures the kids are comfortable but also adds beautiful warmth and textures to your images.

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3. don't reschedule too early!

The weather forecast is often wrong, and even more often, changing. It is best to leave the decision of whether to postpone closest to the time of the session.

I strongly recommend waiting until at least 12pm of the day of our session to make a decision.

If you can wait a few more hours, even better!

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4. bring an umbrella or two

During one of my sessions, half way through the shoot, it started to pour. And I mean, pour!

We stood underneath our umbrellas for about 10 minutes, and guess what. It stopped. The clouds cleared, and we went back to shooting!

And the best part? The golden hour light that followed was amazing!

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5. Check the radar and precipitation forecast

When checking the forecast, don't just look at the symbols (cloud, sun, rain). This doesn't tell you enough about what the weather will really be like.

Look at the exact suburb in Sydney where your session is held, and look at "Precipitation". This will tell you how much, if any, rain is forecasted.

In particular, I look at the volume of rain that is forecasted. If it is less than 0.1mm (<0.01), then I will advise we go ahead.

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